Academic Booksellers Association of the Philippines (ABAP)

The Academic Booksellers Association of the Philippines or ABAP (formerly known as the Association of Booksellers for the Academe and the Professions)  started in 1988 through the informal gatherings of a group of reputable booksellers. The group soon attracted more booksellers and this eventually led to the formal organization of ABAP.  

ABAP’s objective is to bring to the academic and professional community the latest and fairly priced books in all areas of discipline. To realize its objective, ABAP has initiated various book exhibitions in leading school campuses and in key cities of the country. ABAP’s aggressiveness to bring closer to the academic and professional community gave rise to separate book fairs covering the three groups of islands of the archipelago. 

To date, ABAP has a total of 31 active members; 18 of which are into book importation, 7 are Filipiniana publishers and booksellers and 6 are Asian catholic communicators.

ABAP remains very focused and long-term oriented and continues to improve its services to the academic and professional community.